...through our accessible, quality courses. Our focus is to help you to know God better and to grow in your knowledge of the Bible and ministry calling.

Through CMT University we prepare our students to serve God in their own cultures and cross-culturally. Our practical courses are designed both with the full time and the bi-vocational servant of the Lord in mind. We have training programs for just about everyone, for those who are just starting out to those seeking a more advanced degree in the field of Theology.

All of our courses are specifically designed to train students for ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ, not for secular fields of employment.

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International Director of CMT.

What is CMT?

Center for Ministerial Training (CMT) is a university that prepares pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and other Christian workers around the world.

CMT aims to help students develop as transformational leaders who can impact their families, churches, cultures, nations, and regions beyond for Christ. Our students develop in Christian character, spiritual gifts, and ministerial skills within the context of authentic relationships with student peers and with experienced mentors. Most importantly, students are urged to grow in an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and in surrender to His will. We seek to form disciples who will form other disciples, according to the biblical plan of ongoing spiritual multiplication. We strongly stress church planting and cross-cultural missions.

CMT was founded in 2008 by pioneer missionaries Jim and Martha Towner when they returned to the States after three decades of ministry in Mexico and Spain. Our international main office is located in Minnesota, USA. 

Who and Where are our students?

CMT University has a multitude of study center locations with more than 600 students currently enrolled in our programs across the world. We are located in a variety of cultures and ethnic groups. Prompted by the love of Christ, CMT carries as part of its DNA a sensitivity and respect for diversity and a burden to reach the lost among all ethnic groups and cultures. 

CMT University provides an opportunity to study for ordinary people who may not have the opportunity to do formal studies in ministry and theology. Most CMT students are already engaged in some sort of Christian work. Often they make great sacrifices to find time for study while leading ministries and balancing secular jobs and family life. They may face other significant challenges, such as lower educational levels, limited finances, or far distances to travel to be able to attend a traditional "brick-and-mortar" Bible school. CMT takes our theological education directly to them. We organize study centers nearby where they can learn together with fellow students in small groups led by trained facilitators. 

CMT University ​ uses a variety of materials in its training programs, depending on a student’s need, location, previous studies, ministry experience, and other factors. Each of our study levels can be considered a stand-alone option for study, meaning that CMT students can experience great benefit for their life and ministry through completing a single program without having to transition beyond that into another, more advanced ​CMT program. Our focus is on preparing Christian leaders for ministry, but we also invite students to enroll who have not yet sensed a definite call to preach and teach the Gospel, but who are willing for the Holy Spirit to touch their hearts about serving God.

What is our Mission and Vision?

CMT University identifies as its MISSION to train TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERS who will impact their families, their churches, the communities, their society with the life-changing message of the gospel of the Kingdom of our precious Lord Jesus Christ.  Leadership has been defined as having influence over others. CMT Instructors are experienced and mature servants of God who mentor and teach their students to develop a deep familiarity with the whole Word the God, the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. Through this knowledge of the Scriptures, students grow in godly character and intimacy with Jesus Christ. Worship and sacrificial service out of love for God and for people are the result.

CMT University's VISION is summarised with these key words: KNOW-BE-DO. In humility and consecration we begin to KNOW God and His Word. He changes our attitudes, values, and character. We grow to BE more like Christ. Then, Christ's love flows through us out to the world around us, and we DO the good works of the Kingdom of God. That is, we take the Good News of salvation to others, bringing Christ's healing and deliverance to a spiritually needy world around us.

Our purpose is to prepare students for ministry rather than to equip them for secular professions or jobs. Students should not assume that their training with CMT University will qualify them for entry into a non-ministry-related field of employment.

●Our Mission: 

●Our Vision: KNOW-BE-DO

What is our philosophy?

CMT’s philosophy is sometimes called a head-heart-hands orientation because it brings together three crucial emphases: balanced Bible knowledge, passionate love for God, and immediate practical application of lessons learned into the real world. We also underscore the importance of servant leadership and love for the whole Body of Christ. The Apostle Paul speaks of this integrated approach to preparing fruitful followers of Jesus in Colossians 1:25,28: “Of this church I was made a minister according to the stewardship from God bestowed on me for your benefit, so that I might fully carry out the preaching of the word of God… We proclaim Him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom, so that we may present every man complete in Christ.”

What do we believe?

Read the full CMT Statement of Beliefs.